NP3 completes a directed preference share issue, raising proceeds of SEK 222 million

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The board of directors of NP3 Fastigheter AB (publ) (“NP3” or the “Company”) has, based on the authorisation granted by the annual general meeting on 4 May 2021, resolved on a directed issue of 7,050,000 new preference shares at a subscription price of SEK 31.50 per share (the “Share issue”). The subscription price has been determined through an accelerated book building procedure and corresponds to a discount of 4.5 percent to the closing share price on 11 May 2021. Upon settlement of the Share issue, NP3 will receive gross proceeds of approximately SEK 222 million.

The Share issue was directed to Swedish and international professional and institutional investors. NP3 intends to use the proceeds from the Share issue to strengthen the financial readiness for future business opportunities and to finance previously communicated property acquisitions. The reason for deviating from the pre-emptive rights of existing shareholders was to complete a fund raise in a time and cost efficient manner, as well as to diversify the Company’s shareholder base. The Company’s largest shareholder Poularde AB, in which company the board members Lars Göran Bäckvall and Mia Bäckvall Juhlin have ownership interests, has submitted interest and, after a resolution by the board, received allocation pursuant to the same principles that were applied for allocation to the other professional and institutional investors in the Share issue.

To facilitate completion of the Share issue, ABG Sundal Collier AB, in its capacity as settlement agent for the Share issue, has subscribed for the new preference shares for an amount corresponding to the shares’ quotient value. Upon settlement of the Share issue, on or about 17 May 2021, the Company will receive the remaining amount, in other words the difference between the subscription price in the Share issue and the quotient value.

Due to the admission to trading of the newly issued preference shares on Nasdaq Stockholm, NP3 will publish a listing prospectus on or about 12 May 2021, which will be communicated in a separate press release.

The Share issue entails that the number of shares in NP3 will increase from 82,288,946 to 89,338,946 shares, distributed over 54,338,946 common shares and 35,000,000 preference shares. The Company’s share capital will increase from SEK 288,011,311 to SEK 312,686,311. The Share issue entails a dilution for existing shareholders of 7.9 percent based on the number of shares in NP3 after the Share issue and 1.2 percent based on the number of votes in NP3 after the Share issue. The new preference shares carry the same right to dividend as existing preference shares.


ABG Sundal Collier AB and Swedbank AB (publ) are Joint Bookrunners in connection with the Share issue. Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd is legal advisor to the Company in connection with the Share issue.

For further information, please contact:

Andreas Wahlén, CEO
Phone: +46 70 31 31 798

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